Why Choose BTLC?


BacktoLifeCoach is a wellness based company and knowledge source that stands out from the rest. Why? We are tapped into your frustrations and challenges. How much longer are you willing to put up with having fear, anxiety and stress run your life? How much joy, success and freedom do you experience each day?  


                                                   Take Back Your Power

Who have you given your power away to? The empowerment of inner peace, inspiration, clarity and confidence is lost all too quickly by allowing worry, anxiety, and fear to dominate. How can you move forward if you’re operating from the past? When you work with us, you will experience a brand NEW balance. 

A simple truth: it feels good to feel good. True peace is bred from the depth of inner silence.  Such inner silence cannot be found on our phones, computers and multitudes of apps- Nature provides this connection. Why have we settled for just feeling ok, and simply getting by?  Now is a powerful time of healing. Let us help you.

“Marcie is such an incredible healer and teacher. I am so thankful that through our sessions together she was able to teach me to be in the moment and to be able to meditate. It is such a gift to feel more connected! Marcie certainly has given me a lifelong gift of being more at peace through this practice. Thanks again Marcie for your awesome work as such a knowledgeable healer!”

— Cheryl Bacchi


                                          Personalized Programs for Success

You’ve tried anything and everything but nothing works! That is not fair.

What is in your heart to create in your life? Why haven’t you created it yet? What’s in the way? In order for positive change to happen, first there has to be the awareness of what’s in the way. We support you to release the negative energy, thoughts and actions that keep you stuck. That’s step one. Step two: through a combination of practices and meditation, you begin to gain strength and focused clarity on multiple levels. Step three: now you are better positioned to not allow fear-based thoughts and energies to derail your positive momentum. What we focus on builds. Think about that for a moment… Make sure you are choosing to focus on good. Step four: the implementation of all previous steps in order to create lasting positive change!