A Little Bit About Me


BacktoLifeCoach is a wellness based company that stands out from the rest. Why? We offer unparalleled knowledge and practices based on the timeless fundamentals of Nature from the masters of the East. We share them with the West in a format best suited for the stress-ridden, anxious, fearful and over-scheduled without coming across as “woo-woo.” There’s no compromise in the least when it comes to bringing awareness to, then assessing and addressing acute and/or chronic personal blocks, obstacles or challenges that could be preventing you from experiencing your best life.


                                                   Take Back Your Power

Ask yourself a very important question, who have you given your power away to? We lose the empowerment of inner peace, inspiration, clarity and confidence all too quickly by allowing worry, anxiety, and fear to dominate. When you work with us, we focus on when, where and why you gave up your power, and we work swiftly and from the heart, to get you back in balance. 

A simple truth: it feels good to feel good. When we ignore the desire to get outside and into Nature in order to slow down, to regain a sense of silence, and decompress, it does something to us. And it’s not good. True peace is bred from the depth of inner silence.  Such inner silence cannot be found on our phones, computers and multitudes of apps. Why have we settled for just feeling ok, and simply getting by?  Now is a powerful time of healing. Let us help you.

“Marcie is such an incredible healer and teacher. I am so thankful that through our sessions together she was able to teach me to be in the moment and to be able to meditate. It is such a gift to feel more connected! Marcie certainly has given me a lifelong gift of being more at peace through this practice. Thanks again Marcie for your awesome work as such a knowledgeable healer!”

— Cheryl Bacchi


                                          Personalized Programs for Success

BacktoLifeCoach knows that success comes in stages, and that’s why we design personalized programs that are unique. Such processes are a blend of knowledge-based tools meets personal experience. For instance, if you’ve never tasted a mango before and I have, and yet I only describe it to you and not let you hold it, smell it and taste it, you have no personal experience of what a mango truly is. That is not fair.

In order for the positive to take root, there first is a process to purify and release the negative energy, thoughts and actions. Pretty simple. That’s step one. Step two is, through a combination of learning, practices and meditation, you begin to gain strength and focused clarity on multiple levels, and in a positive direction. Step three, now you are better positioned to not allow fear-based thoughts and energies to derail your positive momentum. What we focus on builds. Think about that for a moment… Make sure you are choosing to focus on good. So naturally step four is the actual implementation of all previous steps in order to create lasting positive change.


                                      It’s Time to Remembers Your Greatness

There is a palpable level of stress, anxiety, worry and fear that we can’t help but feel. But, it no longer needs to take over your entire life. Through a clear path of knowledge based practice, physical activity/yoga, and meditation, you can now empower yourself to lead a heartfelt, positive, successful and productive life. Life is short-design it to become one that you are proud to live!