Not Your Average Coach


Back to Life Coach focuses on positive and empowering concepts based in awarenessacceptance, learning, listening, and allowing. Much like a project manager to the absolute you, there is a process by which optimal well-being on all levels; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual is obtained, and that in a nutshell, is what you will gain by working with us. Once you learn, you implement. After you implement, you will learn how to navigate and understand the reflection and energy of what you put out. It’s a process…

In today’s world we have had to pivot and course correct more than we’ve liked to, resulting in having to work from home instead of going into the office, having less social contact and gatherings, as well as extreme isolation. This is not how humanity was intended and we cannot thrive under such severe conditions. Stay positive…it’s ALL about to change for the better!

When life gives you lemons, you resort to various media platforms, such as phone, FaceTime, Zoom calls, etc. What are your needs? Are they more one-on-one, small group, mini retreats, or do you need a multiple level approach to ensure the emotional well-being of yourself and your employees? Whatever your needs, Back to Life Coach is here for you.

Back to Life Coach offers:


  • Private One-on-One Sessions
  • Group/Team Coaching
  • #100Masters Programs
  • Guided/Silent Meditation (live and recorded)
  • Seminars/Keynote
  • Retreats (personally tailored to the needs of the company/group)
  • And so much more!