Four Essential Elements


At our core, we are comprised of Four Essential Elements, amongst many other effects. Focusing on what makes us human, with all the multiple moving parts, and all that we are, for posterity’s sake allow me to elaborate.

Aside from the obvious; our bodies, our desires, our hearts, soul, consciousness, our victories and struggles, our gifts and abilities, as well as our challenges and learned personality, what makes us tick? Who are we truly at our core? What or who is running the show? Do we have any say as to the course of our lives? Are we just rag dolls at the cruel hands of fate? Nope. 

All of Creation exists under the grand canopy of the stars and limitless sky, as well as four other elements; Earth, Fire, Water and Air.


                                              The Five Pillars of Creation

Earth: This element represents the planet, our physical structure, our physical health and our ability once learned, to de-charge and re-charge energy and become centered. Why is it that when we feel spacey, scattered or overwhelmed, we comment that we don’t feel grounded. Earth is the most magnetic of all the elements and it is the most difficult to ‘win’, but once you’ve gained a true sense of being rooted in the earth, you gain the sense of being supported. It’s very important to respect our Earth; meditate or pray to thank it for all it gives and provides. 

Fire: This element is actual fire but also the existence of and energy of the sun. The fire element relates to our emotional self and when it is in balance, aids in burning negativity, negative karmas, our learned personality limitations and challenges, and works to eliminates fear. When we diminish fear down to a grain of sand, we literally achieve a ‘re-set’ to our life. Think about it for a second; we weren’t born fearful, nervous or anxious. Fear is the gateway to giving away our true self. But where there is LOVE, fear has no power.

Water: The water element represents our mental self, and when in balance and healthy, promotes greater mental clarity and peace. When our water element is strong, this helps to wash away confusion, illusions and helps us gain greater confidence. Think of when you may have been emotionally unbalanced due to upsetting news, a bad break up, or some sort of loss. You cried…a lot. Consider water as our ability to create and manifest as well.

Air: The air element relates to our spiritual self and shows up in our lives as a greater capacity to love, to give and receive love, and our ability to connect to the silence and consciousness levels. When our air element is strong, we speak our truth from a confident, open-hearted space, and no longer hide our voice for fear of what others may think or how they may judge us. In the Vedic tradition, they believe the angels live in Nature, but primarily the Air element. 


                                                  Your Attention Please…

So now that you’ve got a better understanding and blueprint of how the Four Essential Elements operate in your life, what tools, knowledge and practices are needed for you to access in order to achieve then maintain optimal balance? Everything is a process, all of life follows a process.

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