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Marcie SpeakingMarcie is a unique blend of teacher, presenter, and speaker, bridging the East and West, offering practical tools and processes for the schedule driven West. With relevant time-tested spiritual knowledge of the great masters of the East, Marcie brings lasting results to her clients, students and audiences. How? Knowledge is one thing, but when information is combined with direct personal experience, a lightbulb goes off! It’s what we are made up of; our memories and inspirations are born from direct personal experience. 

Marcie brings to light the challenges and struggles most all of humanity is facing; financial problems, relationship problems, health problems, and career problems, and creates a comfortable space and energy that fosters rapid breakthroughs. Marcie provides the truth of the common thread that ties us all, thus peeling back the layers of blocks and ego. We are all in this same soup together.

Marcie suggests effective solutions to the common challenges humanity faces and  provides greater awareness to the present vs. the past.  Marcie has shared through speaking engagements, teachings and retreats for teens, professional sports organizations/athletes, companies and businesses, and offers her work in many creative ways locally, nationally and globally.

Emotional Well Being: The highest levels of Stress, Fear and Anxiety Plague the Workplace Today


During the first quarter of 2019, The Top 5 Things that CNN puts out daily that I receive on my iPhone, the lead mention for this one day in particular, was the fact that the levels of stress, fear, and anxiety are at an all time high. Why?  Random yet planned shootings at churches, schools and nightclubs infect our daily news almost daily. Why?  Greater and greater failure rates for marriages continues to rise. Why?  More and more children have increased ‘sick days’ from school and the reasons are anxiety based. Why?  The trajectory for psychological and emotionally based prescriptions for anxiety, stress, insomnia, etc., are on the rise, reaching into the high trillions of dollars spent. Why?

The person you are at home is the same person you are at work and vice versa. It’s slow progress but more and more companies are welcoming in Wellness Benefits for their employees, in fact the smarter companies make sure their particular Wellness Programs offer at home work options, longer pregnancy leave, onsite yoga, meditation and emotional well being tools, a calm room and even encourage their employees to get outside and exercise.

CWC offers greater in depth seminars but not the boring ones you wish were over before they started. CWC offers knowledge and tools that are practical and relevant and that can be revisited when needed. With life feeling like it is speeding up, it is imperative to bring balance to life, work and family by slowing down, reconnecting to nature, and ourselves through practices that redirect negative patterning in order to clear the way for the positive, fruitful and love filled life your desire.

Personal Patterning: How to Neutralize Negative Habits to Bring Positive Results

We all wake up in the morning wanting the best for our day and we probably start off pretty well. But then somewhere between getting dressed, receiving a negative text, and dribbling our latte on our white shirt, we feel the ripples of that same familiar energy creeping up from inside just millimeters away from upsetting our happiness. Then it hits. Again, our new day that had such high hopes is stopped in its tracks by those things inside of us that seem to creep in like a dark cloud.

So how do we get off the hamster wheel of these negative patterned results of fear, anger, negative thoughts, stress and anxiety?  Positive thinking alone is not going to cut it, but why? Marcie lays it out in such a way that her audience can compassionately identify with his or her own negative patterning, and then can apply time tested knowledge and techniques to re-boot and redirect old habits into a new positive way.

Recognizing Your Internal Landscape: Affect the Roots and you Affect the Whole Tree

Have you ever walked by a beautiful rose bush and had the thought, I wish I were that magnificent and beautiful? Have you seen a home with a manicured garden and thought, how could I ever live in such a place? Or do you know of someone in your life that just seems to turn everything to gold with just a touch, and you catch yourself thinking, why can’t that be me?

We live in a world that is very much “in your face” with social media. In a matter of a second and with the touch of a button, we can be connected around the world. Life is flying by us and we might even feel it is going way too fast to stop and take a breather.  Marcie brings, through her teachings and practical exercises, solid grounding experiences and tools so that her audience can begin to truly peel back the layers of what’s inside, in order to get a grasp on what’s happening outside.  As the root so grows the tree… Life is far too short for it not to be fulfilling, filled with love, success, ease of flow and thriving relationships. It is our birthright to know who we are, why we are here, and why we even think what we think. Marcie gets her audience to the threshold of the life they truly want, then she will provide daily practices to support their ongoing victory!

Fall In Love With You: Healing Heartbreak

Unfortunately the majority of the people on the planet (more than 80%) suffer from heartbreak. Listen to that…millions of people are heartbroken. The majority of the planet continues on with their lives not knowing how to heal from past or current heartbreak, and once experienced, it’s painful effects spill over into all areas of their lives.  What if it were possible to heal form heartbreak, depression and feelings of unworthiness without it taking a long time? What if personal heartbreak could be uprooted and in its place, came love, bliss, self-acceptance and laughter? What if once haled, you never had to experience heartbreak again?


Anything is possible…